Aside from years of hard work, I credit my success to mentors who willingly shared their honest guidance and expertise throughout my journey. An experienced professional and trusted advocate, my coaching services provide practical advice, tangible tips and goal-setting strategies for individuals interested in making a personal or professional pivot.

As an accomplished female business owner, my personal coaching services empower up-and-coming entrepreneurs to fulfill their own ideas of what it means to be successful. My guidance and mentorship are at work every day, bringing focus and direction to my clients’ ambitions.

Coaching Packages

Pivot 2 Win: One-on-One

Engage in personalized 1-hour phone or in-person coaching sessions to:


  • Evaluate your current state: Pinpoint your personal and professional goals
  • Assess your options: Research the market for job prospects and/or business viability
  • Create a playbook: Write a business plan or goal sheet with specific objectives
  • Pivot: Take action and make your next move

Pivot 2 Win: Team Effort

Join 2-hour facilitated discussions with up to five participants to:


  • Foster team-building
  • Learn problem-solving tactics with your work colleagues or community peers
  • Navigate challenges and benefits of elder care services with your family members
  • Refine leadership skills

Pivot 2 Win: Everyday Success

Participate in monthly workshops to network with individuals facing similar challenges and choose courses that fit your goals, including:


  • Family Coaching on Elder Care Services: What Your Family Needs to Know
  • I’m Ready to Pivot. Now What?: First Steps to Make a Change
  • Women in Leadership

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today! I will tailor my services to your specific objectives and propose a package that will best meet your needs.